Autel EVO 2 Dual 640T Thermal Drone 8K Video, Standard Rugged Bundle

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Powerful and adaptable

The Dual 640T is a new version of Autel's popular EVO II quadcopter, updated and reconfigured for enterprise applications. It's packed with advanced smart features and gimbal-mounted dual cameras that let you capture detailed visual and thermal footage. Both cameras have high resolution and zoom capabilities, helping flyers keep themselves and their drone at safe distance when performing otherwise dangerous operations.

The drone is also fast, hitting up to 45 miles per hour, and has 360° obstacle avoidance to help it safely and efficiently navigate complex environments. The EVO II Dual 640T can be deployed quickly and is a relatively low-cost alternative for industrial inspection, firefighting, search and rescue, public safety, and environmental protection. When time is of the essence, this flexible drone gets work done.

Note: Version 2 of the EVO II series isn't compatible with the Version 1 ecosystem. This includes V1 remote controllers and the V1 Live Deck, but excludes rechargeable batteries, which are cross-compatible.

Leave no stone unturned

The built-in visual camera supports super-smooth 8K video and crisp 48-megapixel stills. This level of clarity and detail helps ensure you capture all of the information you need during an aerial inspection. It also supports 4X lossless zoom and up to 8X digital zoom, letting you zero in, crop, and reframe both images and video without losing fine details in the process. That's some seriously powerful optics for a compact aerial drone.

Advanced thermal imaging

You can switch from the Dual 640T's visual to its thermal camera on the fly, making sure you have the best view as your needs change in real-time during an operation. The thermal resolution is an impressive 640 x 512, and a variety of powerful real-time temperature measurement modes make your job easier. These modes display live temperature information using the included remote controller's 3.3" OLED screen.

You can also combine the visual and thermal cameras in a picture-in-picture mode, letting you cross-reference the live view from both cameras. This mode automatically matches the frame rate of the two feeds, making tracking and positioning easier.

Fly smart

The EVO II Dual 640T has several intelligent flight and photo modes to give you an impressive amount of flexibility out in the field. You can automatically send the drone to a selected destination, line up a flight plan of several pre-set waypoints, or have the drone fly in a perfect circle around a point of interest. These modes can save time and get you started faster, especially for repeat inspections or operations.

Dynamic Track 2.0 processes the location and speed of subjects to accurately predict their trajectory. This technology tracks the subject continuously while identifying up to 64 objects in the environment at a time. You can have the drone follow behind a moving target, maintain a parallel trajectory, or hover in place like an aerial tripod, all while the camera stays locked on.

Expansive software tools

Footage recorded with the Dual 640T's visual and thermal cameras is automatically embedded with metadata to keep live or post-op review straightforward. You can import and edit images you've captured with the Autel IR PC Tool, free thermal analysis software specifically designed for the Dual 640T. You can analyze temperature measurements, then generate and share reports based on that work. You can also use LiveDeck to share live aerial video and data across a public or private network. This allows you to quickly communicate and get feedback from other collaborators or mission control.

With an open SDK (software developer kit) there are even more options available from the drone community. This means you can create or take advantage of third-party tools and services, helping you expand and refine your drone's capabilities.

Keep it airborne

With this bundle you'll be snagging several useful extras that will let you keep your drone in the air, where it belongs. Each of the EVO II 640T's intelligent flight batteries gives you an impressive 38 minutes of flight. By adding a charger and two more batteries, this combo effectively triples your airtime. It also comes with a hard case and two additional pairs of spare propellers, just in case.


Product highlights:

  • quadcopter with dual visual/thermal camera, remote controller, three rechargeable batteries, charging hub, and hard case
  • equipped to handle applications in industrial inspection, search and rescue operations, public safety, and environmental protection
  • durable magnesium alloy structure
  • flight time: up to 38 minutes (per battery)
  • maximum speed: 45 mph
  • range: 5.5 miles
  • operating temperature: 14-104°F
  • resists winds up to 46 mph
  • 19 groups of sensors for 360° obstacle avoidance (visual, ultrasound, IMU, main camera)
  • records to a 8GB internal storage or a microSD memory card (up to 256GB, UHS-3 rating recommended)
    • includes 32GB microSD card pre-installed
  • includes smart remote controller:
    • 3.3" OLED display built-in
    • 2.4GHz antennas for extended range and better reception in urban areas
    • built-in rechargeable battery
8K camera:
  • 1/2" CMOS sensor
  • shoots 8K video and 48-megapixel still photos
  • 3-axis gimbal mount stabilizes camera in flight
  • up to 8X zoom (lossless up to 4X)
  • maximum ISO: 3,200 (photo), 6,400 (video)
  • aperture: f/1.8-f/11
  • phase detection autofocus enables accurate tracking of fast-moving subjects
  • auto exposure bracketing and 10-bit HDR recording for cinematic video quality
Thermal camera:
  • up to 640 x 512 resolution
  • 30Hz refresh rate
  • 10 thermal color palettes help you adapt to new environments and missions
  • radiometric technology supports multiple real-time temperature measurement modes:
    • central temperature: displays temperature at the center of the screen
    • spot temperature: tap the screen to display the temperature of an object
    • regional temperature: dynamic view of the average, minimum, and maximum temperature in a selected area
  • picture-in-picture mode integrates a standard image with a thermal image for easier positioning and tracking
    • matches the frame rate between the video and thermal image for smooth thermal movement
  • Temperature Alarm provides a prompt when temperatures reach a custom threshold
  • Isotherm lets you set a temperature range and detects objects within that range
  • image enhancement lets you adjust brightness, contrast, and highlight objects within a set temperature target
Special features:
  • interchangeable payload helps you customize the drone for different applications
  • LiveDeck lets you share live aerial video and data across a public or private network
  • open SDK (software development kit) lets you create and take advantage of custom 3rd party services and applications
  • access Autel IR PC Tool, a free infrared thermal analysis tool designed for the 640T
    • import and edit images
    • analyze temperature measurements
    • generate and share detailed reports
General info and included accessories:
  • three intelligent flight batteries
  • battery charging hub
  • 12-volt battery car charger
  • suitcase-style hard carrying case
  • four pairs of propellers
  • protective gimbal cover
  • USB Micro A to USB Micro B cable
  • USB Micro A to USB-C cable
  • weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year

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