Autel MX-Sensor Programmable Univeral TPMS Angle Adjustable 1-Sensor combines 315MHz+433MHz Rubber/Metal Interchangeable valve stems,autel scanner tpms, evo x tpms reset, activate tpms sensors, tpms sensor programming, tire pressure, autel tpms sensors

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Vehicle Coverage/Training

Autel MX-Sensor — Introduction

MX-Sensor Replacement

Q&A For a car enthusiast who enjoys working on their own cars

They work on almost of cars.98% VEHICLE COVERAGE. Autel MX sensor is only programmed by Autel brand TPMS tool,it is also dependent on the cars that can be supported. The program tool Autel ts508 is the universe widely covered.So when you check from below website,you also can input the ts508 to help check.

Please input your car market,brand,model,year,and select a program tool, select TS508,then you can find whether working on your cars . The Autel official checking coverage TPMS website as below:

Or you also can send us email ,online chat etc. We will help you check your car.

Need to use Autel TS508 TPMS tool to program Mx sensor. You can purchase TS508 here:

If you purchased TS508 from our website,we also will give you support to finish the whole replacement process. You can visit Autel training videos,or chat with us online,or call us or call Autel local support.

Or when you installed ,you can ask the professional mechanic to help,they can use their program tool. Please let them know in advance that you will use the Autel brand Mx sensor. Because Autel Mx sensors can only be programmed by  Autel TPMS tools,like TS508,or other modules of the same brand.

The third way is that you can visit the tire repair shop and ask them to help you change it.And also important to let them know you want to use Autel brand Mx sensor ,and confirm with them they can help to replace it with their Autel program tool.

Yes. It depends on the program tool coverage of the car model. you can, according to the 01 question, confirm it.

AUTEL guarantees that the sensor is free from material and manufacturing defects for a period of twenty-four (24) months or discretion replace any merchandise during the warranty period. The warranty shall be void if any of the following occurs:

1. Improper installation of products
2. Improper usage
3. Induction of defect by other products
4. Mishandling of products
5. Incorrect application
6. Damage due to collision or tire failure
7. Damage due to racing or competition
8. Exceeding specific limits of the product

CUSTOMER & TECH SUPPORT 855-288-3587 (US) 0049 (0) 61032000522 (EU) 0086-755-86147779 (CN)

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