Autel EVO II Dual 640T: Industry's First Thermal and Visible Light Camera Stabilization

Autel Robotics' EVO II Dual 640T Rugged Bundle V2 is a dual-camera system with visible light and thermal cameras, ideal for industrial or first responder aerial photography. This drone's capacity to detect temperatures between -20 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit enables it to assist in the inspection of dangerous apparatus and the search for lost humans. Additionally, the remote control has a 3.26 "Depending on your demands, an OLED display for real-time video playback with resolutions up to 8K is available. Fly with confidence knowing that up to 38 minutes of flying time per charge is available. Utilize the Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T Rugged Bundle V2 to optimize your industrial or emergency response inspections.

The Autel EVO II Dual 640T contains a thermal imaging sensor with a resolution of up to 640x512, a 13mm lens with a 16x digital zoom, and greater resolution than any drone in its class for identifying things up to 100 meters away. The autel robotics is equipped with 8K video and 4K HDR video, a 48-megapixel camera, a resolution of 7680 x 4320, a 4x lossless zoom, and a number of other remarkable digital camera features. 4x lossless zoom and 4K HDR for a wider dynamic range in every scenario.

The autel drone is outfitted with sophisticated technologies, including 360° obstacle avoidance and 12 visual navigation sensors, for safe and efficient operation. With its ability to avoid obstacles in all directions, the EVO II Dual 640T is ideal for recording breathtaking airborne footage while avoiding collisions. This drone's sophisticated 19-sensor array enables it to navigate difficult surroundings with ease in real time. Whether you're filming a nature documentary or simply having fun in the great outdoors, the EVO II Dual 640T is certain to wow.

The autel evo2 is a robust and cutting-edge dual-camera system that can be utilized for a number of business applications as well as high-end creative filmmaking. With a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization, thermal and visible light camera sensors, 8K video capture capabilities, and a 1/2.3-inch sensor size, the DJI Inspire 2 is a cutting-edge drone "This camera system is ideal for anyone seeking to expand their imaging capabilities, as it features a CMOS sensor capable of capturing highly detailed stills at up to 48MP resolution. The autel evo2 640T has you covered whether you're an entrepreneur seeking a more efficient method to do business or a filmmaker seeking greater creative flexibility.

If you want a drone that can fly quickly and far, the autel evo 640T is an excellent choice. This powerful drone can send a live video stream from up to 5.6 miles distant and has a maximum flying speed of 44.7 mph. With dual-band 2.4 and 5.8 GHz wireless transmission, you will receive a smooth, reliable video feed regardless of the subject's distance. In addition, the integrated remote controller makes piloting easier than ever; there is no need to attach and configure your smartphone! The autel evo is also equipped with a variety of accessories designed to facilitate prolonged flights. If you're searching for an amazing drone that can handle any condition, the Autel EVO II Dual 640T is your best option.

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